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If you're tired of diving into incomplete / outdated documentation, or getting no response to your questions, this course is for you!

Taylor 'The Man' Otwell

Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel

What You'll Learn

This is a comprehensive course in the many uses of Docker.
From playing to developing, testing to deploying, we'll cover it all in a way that is easy to understand.


We start with the basics and quickly move into how to use Docker in development.

We'll cover:

  • Installing Docker
  • Getting familiar with the docker command
  • Running containers, seeing their intended uses and limitiations
  • Building and managing images
  • Efficient Dockerfiles
  • Using multiple containers
  • Orchestrating containers with docker-compose
  • Development Workflows

Testing & CI

We use Docker to create a testing and CI process.

We'll cover:

  • Setting up and controlling Docker with docker-machine
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins
  • Automating code tests and image builds
  • Saving images to private Docker registries, backed by S3
  • Creating a CI workflow (automated testing) with Jenkins


Docker in production is complex. We’ll see how the latest tooling makes it easier.

We'll cover:

  • Docker in production on singe-hosts
  • Using Docker Registry notifications
  • What docker swarm is and how to use it
  • Advanced Docker networking
  • Building a multi-server production environment
  • Docker production tooling, including Rancher
  • Automating rolling deployments

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along with over 20 free videos on Docker in Development,
Dockerizing Your Applications, and more!

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What is this?

Shipping Docker is a video series about Docker.

Is it released yet?

Sort of! Starting February 14, 2017, you can purchase Early Access at a huge discount!

To find out how to get Early Access, add your name to the Early Access popup that shows up on the bottom right of this page.

What will the Early Access pre-release lessons include?

What is included in Early Access will be Docker basics, using Docker in development, "Dockerizing applications", docker-machine usage, continuous integration with Jenkins, using private Docker repositories for your images and a ton more I'm forgetting.

Early Access members will receive the full course (dev, ci, and initial production release) as the remaining modules become available! I'll be adding the videos as I create them.

Will it be free?

No. There are some really great free videos in the blog, and more available when you sign up to the newsletter. These include 2 mini-courses with over 20 videos, in addition to additional Docker-related lessons. The main course(s), however, will not be free!

What shell theme am I using in the videos?

I'm using the zsh shell, via oh-my-zsh. The theme is "agnoster". You'll need the Powerline font - details here.